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The Canticum Novum Music Association is an independent, non-profit association. We desire to promote Christ-honoring choral singing in support of our Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Canticum Novum consists of singers and instrumentalists who are active members of IARBC churches, and other churches of like faith and practice. The name "Canticum Novum" is Latin for "new song," and is in reference to Psalm 96:1, shown below.

O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing to the LORD, all the earth.
                                                                              Psalm 96:1


Artistic Director
Jeff Ray

Artistic Director

Jeff Ray has been the artistic director of Canticum Novum since May 2018. He holds a bachelors degree in Christian Education and Music from Faith Baptist Bible College. Jeff has served as a choir director in two churches over three decades and brings with him a love for sacred music ministries. Jeff has also been on the Canticum board from its inception.


Association Managers
Jacob Saylor


Jeff Ray

      Artistic Director​

Del Mohler



Jason Brouwer


Todd Toomey


Doug Deford



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