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Do you sing? Do you play an instrument? Then you should let us know!

Canticum Novum Chorale more Information ]

We currently need singers to join the Chorale. To sing in the Chorale, you must be 16 or older, and an active member of an Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Church, or another church of like faith and practice. You must also agree to the Participation Agreement. If you are interested in singing, submit the form below. Be sure to check Canticum Novum Chorale and include your voice part - we have openings available for all voice parts.


Canticum Novum Orchestra more Information ]

We are also gathering names of instrumentalists who would like to play in the Canticum Novum Orchestra. To play, you must be an active member of an IARBC church or another church of like faith and practice, and agree to the Participation Agreement. You must also sucessfully audition with the Artistic Director. If you are interested and would like to audition, make sure to select orchestra in the ensemble interest section and let us know what instrument you play.


Thank you for your interest!


By checking the box and submitting the form below I pledge and commitment to the following:


  • I acknowledge that I have personally believed in Jesus as my fully sufficient and exclusive Savior from sin.

  • I have committed myself to holy living, in accordance with the character of Jesus Christ and the commands of the New Testament.

  • I am in hearty agreement without mental reservation with the Canticum Novum Music Association’s published doctrinal statement.

  • I agree to display an attitude of thoughtful deference toward all those who hold the IARBC doctrinal statement in common in the event that I have a difference with this doctrinal statement

  • I agree to hold in common our commitment both to the gospel and holy living.

  • I agree to support the overall objectives of the Canticum Novum Music Association through regular attendance at rehearsals and a commitment to the concerts.

  • I am a member of a local church and an active participant in its ministry. 

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